Yearbook Events & Due dates for Seniors

Senior Bios Due 11/15/21 Please check your school Gmail, an email will be sent in a couple of weeks with a form to complete. Please fill out how you would like your name to appear in the yearbook (you can include your middle name or not) and any other sections that you would like to complete.**nickname, best memory, extra curricular activities, favorite quote, and future plans are optional*Once completed, submit the form. If you do not have email capabilities and need a paper copy, please see Mrs. Taylor.

Seniors & Siblings Due 11/29/21 If you have a sibling here at Sacopee Valley HS, let Mrs. Taylor know. It is tradition to have your photo taken together and put on the Senior & Sibling page of the yearbook. You may bring in a recent photo from home, or see Mrs. Taylor and the yearbook staff about taking one for you.

Senior & Baby or Toddler Photos Due 12/10/21 Please email your senior & baby photos to Mrs. Taylor at or Or bring them to Mrs. Taylor in Room 110 to scan. If you haven’t had a chance to take your Senior photos, there are Sacopee students available to take your Senior photo, see Mrs. Taylor for details.
Senior Will Due 1/18/22 An email will be sent, at the end of December, through your Gmail account with another form to complete. Once again, if you do not have access to email, see Mrs. Taylor for a paper copy. You are allowed to leave items for up to 3 people. The first one will be put in the yearbook and ALL 3 will be read at the Seniors' Last Assembly. For each response, you must put your name where it says "your name" and then whatever you would like to leave behind. For example: Joe Smith leaves his younger brother, Steve, his parking spot in the student lot. Please note all inappropriate response will be omitted without notice, so if it is questionable, see Mrs. Taylor. Generally, responses that are negative or deemed hurtful will not be accepted. Then and Now Photos Due 2/4/22 These are photos of your child and their friends when they were young and then they recreate the same photo now that they are graduating. These photos are not required, but they are a lot of fun and we dedicate two pages of the yearbook to them. Please bring them in to scan or you can email them to Mrs. Taylor.

Parent Wishes Ads Due 5/12/22 Parents may put a recognition ad in the yearbook for their son or daughter by either going to the Jostens' Website or by emailing Mrs. Taylor at <> or If you choose to create the ad yourself, you will go to the Jostens' website, click on Shop your school, then click on yearbook recognition ads, then click sign in or register to create your Jostens' account and follow the steps. You will use one of the templates that they have and you will choose your ad size and pay for it there. You can choose ¼ page for $30, ½ page for $50, and a Full page for $90. You can use up to 4 photos for the ¼ & ½ page and more for the full page. If you would like Mrs. Taylor to create the ad, you should email the photos, your wish, the colors you would like to see in the ad, indicate the size page, and a check made payable to SVHS. Once it has been designed, Mrs. Taylor will email it to you to approve.

Photos for the Senior slideshow Due 4/18/22 Please bring in photos for the slideshow or email them to Mrs. Taylor or We want to make sure every senior is in this slideshow! We are looking for one photo from when you were a baby or toddler, and some group photos from your elementary, middle, and high school years. We know what you look like in high school, so photos from when you were younger are best. They can be sporting events, birthday parties, school dances, etc.